A Close Escape Just Got Closer

From Toronto, Friday Harbour is so much closer than Cottage Country. Although it feels like a world away, this close escape is only 45 minutes from the GTA and accessible by GO Train.



Now Friday Harbour is even closer thanks to improved transit between Barrie and Toronto. The Ministry of Transportation put out a news release last month outlining that Metrolinx will be rolling out year-round weekend GO train service on the Barrie line. As of now there will be three trips from Allandale GO Station to Union Station in the morning and three back in the evening for customers travelling between Barrie and Toronto. The MPP for Barrie, Ann Hoggarth, is excited about the news, saying “This is terrific news for the people of Barrie and throughout the Region. Our community has asked for more GO Transit service and we are thrilled to provide more options to help people get where they need to go.”


This additional GO Train service to the Barrie line will help manage congestion, provide more transit options and improve commutes for families in the Simcoe Region. Ontario is making the largest infrastructure investment in hospitals, schools, public transit, roads and bridges in the province’s history. Since 2013, Ontario and Metrolinx have built three new GO stations, renovated 10 existing GO stations, and added approximately 7,000 new GO stations parking spots. They have also purchased 220 new GO buses, 69 new GO train coaches, and 10 new GO train locomotives. As of September 2016, GO Transit’s fleet included 75 new fuel efficient locomotives, 656 bi-level passenger coaches and around 500 buses.


Whether you arrive by plane, (GO) train, or automobile, come discover our resort community that infuses fun with relaxation, creating an invigorating blend of natural greenery and urban amenity. With the addition and improvements to GO Train service, the trip to Friday Harbour has never been easier.


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