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52 Weeks of Friday in Innisfil

We want you to explore all that our hometown has to offer! Follow us as we shop, play and discover 52 weeks of Friday in Innisfil. Get heated from the sun, not traffic. Let your hair down and go swimming. Bite off more than you can chew. Savour every bite. Get lost in the woods. Find peace. Catch up with ... Read More


Take a Tour: Construction Update July 2017

A lot is happening on-site and we want you to be a part of the action. Take this virtual tour and get a peek of the progress at Friday Harbour Resort! HARBOUR FLATS TOWNS & HARBOUR MASTER BUILDING BOARDWALK & BOARDWALK CONDOS BEACH CLUB NATURE PRESERVE  THE NEST Read More


A Sesquicentennial Celebration in Innisfil

Since the beginning of the year, Canada 150 events have been in full swing across the country. This milestone is called a sesquicentennial (pronounced: SES-kwuh-sen-TEN-nee-yul), as it marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The major themes of Canada 150 are a focus on youth, a celebration of our diversity, encouraging inclusion, establishing a spirit of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and discovery of ... Read More


Free as a Bird

Bird watching is a great way to disconnect from technology, and reconnect with nature. So pack your binoculars, hiking boots, and this checklist to get set for a birding adventure at Friday Harbour Resort!   Did you know Ontario is one of the most diverse areas for bird watching in Canada? According to the Ontario Bird Records Committee, there are ... Read More

QUIZ: How well do you know the Lake Simcoe watershed?

The Lake Simcoe watershed is a vibrant and diverse habitat and a precious source of water. It is also a centre for tourism and recreation as well as industry and agriculture.   A watershed is an area of land drained by a river or stream. Similar to the branch of a tree, creeks empty into streams, which then empty into ... Read More