introducing VANDUTCH

Friday Harbour will possess Canada’s exclusive VanDutch brand, with a selection of watercraft only limited by your imagination.

In concert with this exclusive partnership, Friday Harbour Resort will open the VanDutch Lounge where members can relax and enjoy food, music and entertainment here on the water with Lake Simcoe as your backdrop. VanDutch Lounges can be found around the globe in resort hot spots like Monaco, Ibiza, Miami, Dubai and Bahamas, and have become the social buzz in every location.

VanDutch Lounge

Where sand meets water. Where you meet retreat.

The rush of cool as you dip your toes in. The calming sound of paddles as they caress the waves. The never-ending search for beautiful natural objects like coloured pebbles and driftwood. That's the allure of Lake Simcoe. As Ontario's fourth largest inland lake, Lake Simcoe is a body of water that beckons the soul and fosters new memories.

Exceptionally designed and absolutely spectacular, the VanDutch Lounge allows Friday Harbour members of all ages to embrace their favourite beachside pastimes. Incorporating nuances of some of the world's finest waterfront destinations, The VanDutch Lounge allows you to spend your mornings soaking in the rays and your afternoons staying cool in the water.

We have you covered with canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and other watercraft available for your leisure and pleasure.

VanDutch Lounge

Renowned Dutch engineering meets modern craftsmanship.

Arrive in style, leave an impression.

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as normal or the status quo. The avant-garde is considered by some to be a hallmark of modernism. VanDutch raises the bar for modern design and advanced technology.

VanDutch boats are distinguished by the intelligence of their underwater structure and by their exceptional comfort. The prestigious International Superyacht Society has so often regarded Frank Mulder – the award-winning designer of VanDutch – that he no longer needs introduction.

Friday Harbour Resort will be home to the VanDutch brand in Canada.

Should you wish to experience a preview of VanDutch first-hand, contact Reed Nicol. 647.360.3421 REED.NICOL@VANDUTCH.COM


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