A Day at Friday Harbour

A woman sits on the Boardwalk look out to the Marina where a number of boats sit on the waters of the Marina at Friday Harbour.

You start your morning with a stroll down the Boardwalk to pick up your favourite beverage and pastry from Starbucks®. Continuing down the Boardwalk, you gaze out over the Marina, the Resort begins to wake up and hum with excitement at the activities to come.

Children rush by, eagerly making their way down to the Beach for the day. You venture into ADM Design Inc. to explore their one-of-a-kind home décor, noting the piece of artwork hanging in the back corner that would go perfectly over your mantle at home.

A woman and a boy ride on their bicycles on the Boardwalk at Friday Harbour, with the townhomes visible on the horizon.

As you make your way back along the Boardwalk, you once again look out over the Marina as boats and personal watercraft head out on Lake Simcoe and Guests of the Resort arrive for the day. You walk along toward the Harbour Master Building and rent a bicycle to explore the Resort on wheels. You ride along Sea Ray Avenue toward the Nature Preserve, eager for a quiet time amongst the trees.


Upon entering the Nature Preserve, a canopy of leaves shades you from the summer sun as you explore the 7km of trails throughout the 600-acre forest. With wetlands full of protected wildlife and intricate bridges, there is so much to explore. The birds sing all around you and the squirrels jump from branch to branch like tiny trapeze artists putting on a show just for you. As you take a break at a picnic table, a mother deer and her fawn cross the path just ahead of you searching for berries and tender leaves to graze on.

You glance at your watch and notice it’s getting close to lunchtime. You hop back on your bike and make your way toward the Harbour Master Building. After returning your bike, you stroll back up to the Boardwalk to enjoy lunch on the Pier Bar as the live musician begins their set. Your ice-cold beverage and house-smoked delight make the perfect accompaniment.

A man walks with his golf bag across the green at the Nest Golf Club at Friday Harbour Resort.

As you finish your lunch, you realize that your tee-time at the Nest is coming up! You pop into the LCBO to pick up a gift for the friend you’re meeting at the Club and call a Shuttle to whisk you up to the Clubhouse to meet your partner and head out for 18 holes of world-class golf. Playing your way from hole to hole, traveling up gentle hills and down into sculpted dips and hollows, you can’t help but be in wonder at the idea that the entire course was built up from fill pulled from the Marina.

A young man and a woman on a double kayak smiles as they paddle along the shore.

After sinking a birdie on the 18th hole, you head back to the Clubhouse. Your partner suggests you keep the adventurous day going by renting kayaks and exploring Lake Simcoe’s many wonders. Once again, you call a Shuttle to deliver you right to your destination. As you set out on the Lake you are struck by how the deep blue water manages to sparkle like sapphires in the summer sun, as the waves gently rock you while you paddle along the shoreline. You wave as you pass others along the Lake and smile as a family of ducks and ducklings swim alongside you.

Under the beautiful, colourful evening sky, the lights from the buildings on the Boardwalk at Friday Harbour reflects off the waters of the Marina.

The sun is getting low in the sky which has transformed into a soft hue of pink and red. The Lake is now calm and the water has transformed into a mirror reflecting the spectacular colours all around you.

Your return your kayaks and head back up to the Boardwalk for dinner at Fishbone Kitchen + Wine Bar, to enjoy a Portuguese feast of flaming chourico sausage and delicious fish, fresh off the grill. You can hear the performer on the Pier stage from your seat as you toast to a perfect day.

Friday Harbour Lookbook 2018-1997

As you prepare to make your way home, you remember the few items you need for your pantry and stop into FH Fine Food, knowing they carry all the essentials. As you wave goodbye to the cashier you reflect on your day and take one last look over the Marina, in awe at the balance of nature and man-made splendour that make up Friday Harbour Resort, Lake Simcoe’s newest destination.

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