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Meet Marc Lombardi

Marc Lombardi is our exceptional FH Fine Food Manager. Before joining the Friday Harbour Team, Marc worked at Longo’s, a GTA based grocery chain, as a manager across many of their departments. Looking for an exciting opportunity and the chance to expand his skills, Marc made the move to join the Friday Harbour team and has been working hard ever ... Read More


Meet Janice Holmes

Janice Holmes is truly one of a kind. From starting out in hospital security to working with Rogers Communications and most recently with the CN Tower, Janice has been in the private security industry for over 30 years. Her background includes working with the Chief Firearms Office (Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario) for almost 20 years as a firearms instructor, ... Read More


Boating Safety at Friday Harbour

As warm weather arrives and the boating season kicks off, Friday Harbour invites you to the start of something extraordinary. Friday Harbour Marina is at your service with attentive concierge service available seven days a week, assistance to and from your vessel upon arrival and departure, docking and fueling assistance, and navigation advice. Friday Harbour Marina also monitors channel 68 ... Read More


Ice Safety

At Friday Harbour Resort, we want to ensure that everyone has a safe winter while enjoying all the wonder of the winter months. It’s important to stay safe and be aware of the potential hazards and risks during this season. While any access to the Marina ice at Friday Harbour is strictly prohibited, you can enjoy the frozen lakes while ... Read More