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Danielle May2

Meet Danielle May

Friday Harbour Resort’s very own Recreation and Leisure Manager! Danielle is one of our most dedicated staff members, going from meeting to meeting, she organizes all the programming activities to make sure everyone has the best time possible. During the weekend, she loves staying at the resort and getting to know Friday’s Homeowners and guests. Danielle got her years of ... Read More



Lake Simcoe is home to the nationally endangered Butternut Tree and Friday Harbour has made extra efforts to preserve this species. A full one-third of Friday Harbour Resort has been dedicated as a Nature Preserve. From land to lake, head to heel, the development team has taken every measure to ensure natural species enjoy their all seasons experience too! At ... Read More



It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Friday Harbour! The Beach and Beach Club are now open, and the entire resort will continue to evolve throughout the year. Harbour Fest celebrations at the Pier will continue each weekend all summer long, and that’s just the start of the extraordinary things to come. See how some of our Friday Harbour ... Read More


52 Weeks of Friday in Innisfil

We want you to explore all that our hometown has to offer! Follow us as we shop, play and discover 52 weeks of Friday in Innisfil. Get heated from the sun, not traffic. Let your hair down and go swimming. Bite off more than you can chew. Savour every bite. Get lost in the woods. Find peace. Catch up with ... Read More


Take a Tour: Construction Update July 2017

A lot is happening on-site and we want you to be a part of the action. Take this virtual tour and get a peek of the progress at Friday Harbour Resort! HARBOUR FLATS TOWNS & HARBOUR MASTER BUILDING BOARDWALK & BOARDWALK CONDOS BEACH CLUB NATURE PRESERVE  THE NEST Read More